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Value all customers, produce low cost quality products and support our products.

Habco takes great pride in being a market leader in the manufacturing of pool and spa supplies and continuously places importance on the development and advancement of current and future products.

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Cleaning Equipment

Maintenance Accessories

Pool/ Spa Accessories

Swim Aids/ Gear

Pool Toys/ Games

Inflateables Recreational

Pool Leaf Rakes/ Skimmers

H101 Pool Leaf Rake

H107 Pool Leaf Sweeper

H521 Pool Leaf  Shovel

H105 Pool Leaf Sccop

H106 Pool Leaf Rake

H115 Pool Leaf Rake

H520 Pool Leaf Shovel

H103 Pool Leaf Scoop

H108 Extend a Scoop

Skimmer Baskets/ Lids

H412 SK1000

H459 SK950 HD

H415 Poolrite S1800

H525 Waterco S75

H417 Hayward Basket

H419 Filter Bags

H413 Filtrite Basket

H416 Clark Basket

H526 Poolrite Basket

H414 Quiptron Basket

H418 Baker Hydro Basket

H528 Deck Lid

Water Features

H197 Cherub Pool Fountain

H442 Frog Pool Fountain

H199 Flower Pool Fountain

H132 Blossom Candle Light

Swim Aids

H300 Back Bubble Float

H302 Armbands

H304 Swim Ring

H306 Sunshade Baby Swim Seat

H311 Kiddyfloat

H301 Kickboard

H303 Swim Suit Ring

H305 Baby Swim Seat

H310 Kiddyfloat

Pool Dive Games

H202 Dive Ring Game

H211 Sea Horse Dive Game

H213 Dive Rings

H208 Flutter Discs

H203 Spin N Spiral Dive Game

H212 Flexi Dive Game Set

H214 Dive Stix Game

Pool Lounges

H230 Convertible Lounge

H238 Pool Chair

H231 Pool Bar

H240 Pool Mattress

H239 Pool Ring Lounge

Pool Brushes

H440 Pool Brush

H121 Algae Brush

H445 Algae Brush

H120 Algae Brush

H122 Algae Brush

H441 Hand Brush

Vacuum Plates

H470 Hayward Vac Plate

H471 Hayward Vac Plate

H514 Quiptron Vac Plate

H515 Poolrite Vac Plate

H523 Waterco Vac Plate

H540 Poolrite Vac Plate

H517 Filtrite Vac Plate

H518 Quiptron Latch

H516 Poolrite Vac Plate

H524 O Ring

H519 Paramount Vac Plate

Pool Thermometers

H130 Pool Spa Thermometer

H495 Pool Thermometer

H397 Pool Spa Thermometer

H190 Pool Thermometer

H136 Patio Thermometer

Swim Goggles

H320 Swim Goggle

H332 Swim Goggle

H319 Swim Goggle

H321 Swim Goggle

H331 Swim Goggle

Water Sport Games

H222 Pool Volleyball Game

H207 Pool Quoits



H237 Shark Rider

H233 Dolphin Rider

Pool Vacuum Heads

H200 Flexi Vac Head

H110 Flexi Vac Head

H117 Pool Leaf Bagger

H585 Pro Flexi Vac Head

H100 Flexi Vac Head

H114 Brush Vac Head

H116 Pool Vac Kit

Pool Pump Parts

H394 Poolrite Pump Basket

H396 Astral Pump Basket

H395 Onga Pump Basket

Pool Signs

H133 CPR Chart

H421 Pool Sign

H423 Pool Sign

H437 Pool Sign

H420 Pool sign

H422 Pool Sign

H436 Pool Sign

Swim Gear

H329 Swim Mask

H326 Swim Cap

H328 Swim Ear Plug

H330 Swim Snorkel

H327 Water Capsule

Beach Balls

H235 Beach Ball

236 Beach Ball

Pool Hoses / Poles

H387 Pool Hose

H389 Pool Hose

H448 Pool Cleaner Hose

H466 Pool Cleaner hose

H465 Pool Cleaner Hose

H124 Telescopic Pole

H586 Pro Telescopic Pole

H388 Pool Hose

H390 Pool Hose

H449 Pool Cleaner Hose

H464 Pool Cleaner Hose

H123 Telescopic Pole

H125 Telescopic Pole

Filter Cartridges






H430 Pool Globe

H432 Pool Globe

H439 Pool Globe

H435 Pool Globe

H431 Pool Globe

H433 Pool Globe

H434 Globe Holder

Swim Sets

H322 Swim Set

H333 SWim Set

H323 Swim Set

Air Pump

H234 Foot Pump

Pool Maintenance Kits

H853 Pool Maintenance Kit

H855 Pool Maintenance Kit

H857 Pool Maintenance Kit

H854 Pool Maintenance Kit


Pool Chlorinators

H150 Chlorinator

H493 Chlorinator

H153 Chlorinator

H192 Chlorinator

General Accessories

H438 Wire Pipe Cutter

H473 Drum Tap

H472 Tap Spanner

H180 Measuring Jug

Vinyl Repair Kits

H128 Vinyl Repair Kit

H166 Vinyl Repair  Patch

H129 Vinyl Repair Kit

Auto Pool Cleaner

H499 Pleated Seal

H475 Kreep Krauly Hammer





H500 Barracuda Skirt

H496 Jetvac Bag


H477 Weir Cone







H501 Diapharagm

H502 Barracuda Footpad

H494 Inline  Flow Control

H497 Jetvac Bag


H480 Elbow


Water Testing/ Chemicals

H181 Water Test Kit

H178 Water Test Strips

H175 Water Test Tablets

H177 Water Test Kit

H170 Water Test Tablets

H176 Water Test Tablets

General Fittings

H410 Pool Return fitting

H404 Pipe Connector

H406 Pipe Connector

H400 Pipe Plug

H402 Pipe Plug

H407 Clamps

H411 Hose Adaptor

H405 Pipe Connector

H492 Pipe Connector

H401 Pipe Plug

H403 Pipe Plug

H408 Clamps

H409 Pipe Connector